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Why Mushrooms? 

Mushrooms play a massive role in natural environments such as decomposing dead matter and partnering with plants for mutual benefit. Humans have a long history with these ecological giants, with evidence of consumption tracing back to the Upper Paleolithic Period between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago [source].​

They're already used as medicine, building materials, and biodegradable packaging. Mycological research shows mushrooms have versatile applications, grow quickly, and create no carbon emissions or waste. Such a low-impact resource will be crucial in our ability to adapt to on-going climate change. 

Why Utah?

We know that Utahns love their outdoors and want to connect them even more to their passions. But isn't Utah too dry for mushrooms? Not at all! A quick drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon might reveal a cluster of Oyster mushrooms or a foray in the Uintas might include some Morels. Every ecosystem needs decomposers and, even in Utah, fungi are there to do the job. ​

Utah is also home to 660 species of bees -- that's one out of every four species endemic to the U.S. and fungi play a massive role in sustaining bee diversity and populations. Research already shows that mushroom mycelium helps bees fight diseases that contribute to colony collapse. Our state has the potential to make a massive impact on bee conservation.

Our Fungi Festival is unlike anything else in the state of Utah. 

Let's Make A Change Together

Here are some ways you can get involved:


Educational presentations by experts on the

Main Stage


Interactive workshops on cultivation, gardening, mycopermactulure, and more


Booths with local vendors, artisans, organizations, and advocates


Engaging activities and crafts for families


Partner with us in exchange for valuable public recognition

Represent your business or organization at the Utah Fungi Festival

Share your expertise and experiences on the Main Stage

Help us launch a brand new event and get the word out about fungi

Utah Fungi Festival

Let's get in touch. If you have questions, feedback, or want to get involved, reach out!

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