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We believe that together we can create a better future

for ourselves and for our planet. 

Our Mission

We believe in the power of fungi to contribute to the health of the planet and all beings that live here. To promote the use of mushrooms as sustainable resources, we introduce leaders, citizens, and business owners to fungi’s diverse ability to impact ecosystem remediation, permaculture, culinary practices, and personal health. By providing education from expert speakers and educators, we work to inspire environmental stewardship using the ancient wisdom of fungi.


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Our History

After working with medicinal mushrooms for years, Jme Bonfiglio saw that Utah needed something to rally around for all things mushroom. She wanted to build connections within the mycological community so that we can better address environmental challenges together. She also saw value in connecting mycology with other industries affected by these challenges such as farming, forestry, gardening, conservation, and medicine. The Utah Fungi Festival is just the beginning of the collaboration to come.

Our Vision

We want to change the way the world thinks about mushrooms. Through fungi education with expert speakers, we aim to bring Utahns closer to their local environment and to advocate for fungi as sustainable resources for our personal and planetary health. 

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