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Alan Rockefeller

Mushroom Identification Specialist

Alan Rockefeller is a photographer, computer hacker, biohacker and mushroom identification specialist who currently lives in Oakland, California. In 2001 he began his autonomous studies in the field of mycology, beginning with the collection of fungi in California. Each year since 2007 he has traveled to Mexico to collect mushrooms, and has now photographed more than 1,000 species of fungi from Mexico. Based on phylogenetic and microscopic analysis he has identified several species not described in the scientific literature. Alan regularly identifies mushrooms for several fungus fairs in Mexico and the USA in addition to identifying fungi on websites such as Mushroom Observer, Facebook, the Shroomery and iNaturalist.

Jme Bonfiglio

Founder, of WholeSun Wellness & the Utah Fungi Festival

Jme Bonfiglio's mission is to educate, promote health, empower nutrition, develop solutions for environmental issues, and support local businesses. She founded WholeSun Wellness in 2017 with these goals in mind. Not long after, she began building the foundations for the Utah Fungi Festival -- a place where people can learn together and build a healthier, more sustainable future. www.wholesunwellness.com

Marc A. Donsky, Ph. D.

Mammoth Mountain Hemp

Marc Donsky began loving mushrooms early in life and has been growing mushrooms since 1976 when he cultured his first mushrooms from spore prints made from mushrooms collected in a cow field outside of Palenque, Mexico. He received a B.S. in Ethnobiology from the University of Arizona, Tucson, studying chemistry to understand plants. After a trip to Peru collecting plans for the Denver Botanical Gardens, Marc began his graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was awarded with an M.S. in Organic Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Comparative Biochemistry. He has spearheaded research into mushroom cultivation, mycoremediation, and medicinal mushroom analysis.

William Padilla-Brown

Founder of MycoSymbiotics

William Padilla-Brown is a social entrepreneur, citizen scientist, mycologist, amateur 'phychologist', urban shaman, writer, YouTube vlogger, contributing editor for Fungi mag, researcher, poet, and father. He was recently featured in the documentary Fantastic Fungi. William holds Permaculture Design Certificates acquired through Susquehanna Permaculture and NGOZI. William is leading the country in the field of Cordyceps cultivation. William regularly teaches at mushroom clubs around the country, festivals, Agricultural conferences, and more.

Benjamin Lilibridge

Founder of Mālama Mushrooms

Rooted on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Benjamin is the Founder & Funguy of Mālama Mushrooms. Founded in 2015, Mālama is the Hawaiian word for 'protect, preserve, and nurture'. This serves as the standard for all the work that he does from supporting local organic agriculture in his community, to educating about therapeutic compounds in mushrooms, to studying & preserving the native mushrooms of Hawai'i. www.malamamushrooms.com

Seth Warner

San Francisco Psychedelic Society

Seth Warner is an educator and community organizer living in the Bay Area where he works to build the San Francisco Psychedelic Society alongside an amazing team. This past July the Psychedelic Society has helped to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi. Additionally, he has been teaching about fungi for the past three years and today he regularly teaches psychoactive mushroom cultivation classes with the Psychedelic Society under the name MycoRising. www.mycorisingfungi.com

Gabriela D'Elia


Gabriela’s practice, WeRecomposing, integrates the medicinal languages of mycology and astrology. Both are ancient mysteries that speak to self-inquiry and collective consciousness. WeRecomposing cultivates both soul and fungi and shares that fungi are recomposers, or life-givers, just as much as they decompose. Gabriela understands fungi as ancient ancestors and teachers of our own fruiting bodies and of our community ecosystems. www.werecomposing.com

Katie Lawson

Fungal Focus

After finishing an environmental science degree in 2009, Katie began working on organic vegetable farms in 2011. Farming took her all over the country, including stops in Oregon, Maine, Georgia, and Utah. She began studying and cultivating mushrooms in 2016. While vegetable farming will always be her first love, her role in the sustainable food movement has evolved into something more fungal. Currently, she runs Fungal Focus LLC, and is constantly learning more about the vast world of mycology. She enjoys working with local organizations and being a part of the Salt Lake community. 

Rikki Longino

Mobile Moon Co-Op

Rikki Longino is a Salt Lake-based community organizer, ecological gardener, and overall fungi. Rikki founded the Mobile Moon Co-Op, a female and queer botanical collective, tea shop, and farm and has worked at various local organizations for the advancement of resilient and equitable food. Rikki’s passion for fungi has brought them to the Radical Mycology Conference, The Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference: Mycelium Mysteries, Mycosymbiotics, and The New Moon Mycology Summit. 

Jax Johnson

Pharmako Solutions, Science and Spirituality Research Center

Christian "Jax" Johnson's consulting business, Pharmako Solutions, specializes in mushroom science, education, and cultivation, and is working to forward clinical trials with psilocybin mushrooms. Jax recently founded the nonprofit S.P.O.R.E. (Sensible Psilocybin Organization for Reform and Education). Additionally, he is currently establishing the Science and Spirituality Research Center in Mexico, which marries the roots of indigenous wisdom with the fruits of scientific advancement. It is Jax’s firm belief that psilocybin mushrooms, handled with proper respect and prudence, are the pivotal medicine to catalyze healing and spiritual maturation for humans at this urgent time. 

Reid Robison, MD, MBA

Cedar Psychiatry

Reid Robison, MD, MBA, is a board-certified doctor with fellowship training in neurodevelopmental genetics & clinical research.  His home base is at Cedar Psychiatry, an interventional and psychedelic psychiatry clinic headquartered in Springville with additional locations across the Wasatch front. He has led over 100 clinical trials in neuropsychiatry and co-directed the molecular genetics laboratory at the University of Utah Department of Psychiatry. Currently, Reid serves as Coordinating Investigator for the MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study for Eating Disorders. He was one of the first clinicians to give ketamine for psychiatric illness in Utah. www.cedarpsychiatry.com

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